All our pizzas are served with cheese & our special available in thin crust & deep pan on request
Original Cheese & Tomato£4.99Add +Topped with Cheese & Special Tomato Sauce
Pepperoni Passion£5.99Add +Extra Pepperoni & Double Cheese
Hawaiian£5.99Add +Ham & Pineapple
Capricciosa£5.99Add +Ham & Mushrooms
Chicken & Sweetcorn£5.99Add +Chicken & Sweetcorn
Pollo£5.99Add +Chicken & Mushrooms
Texas BBQ£6.99Add +BBQ Sauce on Base, Chicken, Onion & Green Peppers
Meatzza Hot£6.99Add +Pepperoni, Beef & Jalapeno Peppers
Vegetarian£6.99Add +Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Olives & Sweetcorn
Mediterranean Hot & Sweet£6.99Add +Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Jalapeno & Pineapple
Hot & Spicy£6.99Add +Chicken, Onions, Green Peppers, Jalapeno
Bolognese£6.99Add +Beef, Special Bolognese Sauce, Herbs & Butter
Dalla£6.99Add +Doner Kebab Meat & Extra Cheese
Meat Feast£6.99Add +Pepperoni, Ham, Beef & Chicken
Sea Food£6.99Add +Tuna, Anchovies & Prawns
House Special£6.99Add +Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Pepperoni, Ham & Beef
Hot Dalla£6.99Add +Doner Kebab Meat, Jalapeno & Extra cheese
Garlic Pizza Bread
Plain Garlic Bread£2.99Add +
Cheese Garlic Bread£3.99Add +with cheese
Mushrooms Garlic Bread£4.99Add +with cheese, mushrooms & garlic butter
Hot Garlic Bread£3.99Add +with cheese, jalapenos & garlic butter
Special Garlic Bread£3.99Add +with cheese, tomato sauce & garlic butter
Doner Garlic Bread£4.99Add +with doner meat & cheese
Pepperoni Garlic Bread£4.99Add +with chese & pepperoni
Calzone served with garlic butter cheese & special tomato sauce
Calzone Kiev£6.90Add +Special sauce, chicken, mushrooms, onions & green peppers
Calzone Vegetarian£6.90Add +Special sauce, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, olives & sweetcorn
Calzone Doner£6.90Add +Special sauce, doner kebab meat
Calzone Special£6.90Add +Special sauce, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, ham, pepperoni & beef
Plain Burger£3.00Add +
Cheese Burger£3.40Add +
Veggie Burger£3.40Add +
Chicken Burger£3.40Add +with mayonnaise
Chilli Burger£3.40Add +with fried onion and chilli sauce
Garlic Burger£3.40Add +with fried onion and garlic sauce
Hawaiian Burger£3.40Add +with pineapple
Special Burger£3.99Add +with doner meat
Doner Kebab
£4.00Add +
Doner Kebab served with fresh salad, pitta bread & any sauce on top if requested
Chicken Kebab£5.00Add +Chicken kebab served with fresh salad, pitta bread & any sauce on top if requested
Mixed Kebab£6.00Add +Doner & chicken kebab served on pitta bread with fresh salad & any sauce top if requested
Doner Meat & Chips£5.00Add +
Special Doner Kebab£7.00Add +Doner kebab served on a 10" garlic pizza bread with fresh salad, chips & any sauce on top if requested
Special Chicken Kebab£8.00Add +Chicken kebab served on a 10" garlic bread with fresh salad, chips & any sauce on top if requested
House Special Kebab£9.00Add +Doner & chicken kebab served on a 10" garlic pizza bread with fresh salad, chips & any sauce on top if requested
Doner Wrap£5.00Add +
Chicken Wrap£5.50Add +
Mixed Wrap£6.00Add +
Side Orders
Chips£1.50Add +
Chips & Grated Cheese£2.50Add +
Potato Wedges£2.50Add +
Chicken Wings & Chips (5)£4.00Add +
Chicken Nuggets & Chips (6)£3.50Add +
Coleslaw£1.00Add +
Side Salad£2.50Add +
Onion Rings (8)£1.90Add +
Garlic Mushrooms with cheese£3.00Add +
Dipping Sauce£0.50Add +
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream£4.99Add +
Cans of Drink£1.00Add +
Bottles of Water (small)£0.80Add +
Bottles of Drink£2.10Add +
Meal Deals
Deal 1£17.99Add +Any Two 10" Pizzas, 10" Cheese Garlic Bread, 2 x Chips & Coleslaw (Free delivery)
Deal 2£16.99Add +Any 10" Pizza, 10" Cheese Garlic Bread, Large Doner Kebab, 2x Chips & Coleslaw (Free Delivery)
Deal 3£24.99Add +Three x 12" Pizzas, Bottle of Drink, 3 x Chips & Coleslaw (Free Delivery)
Deal 4£13.99Add +Two x Large Doner Kebabs, 2 x Chips, 2 x Cans of Drink, Coleslaw (Free Delivery)
Deal 5£17.99Add +Any Three 10" Pizzas (Free delivery)
Deal 6£21.99Add +Any Three 12" Pizzas
Deal 7£14.99Add +1 Large Doner Kebab, 2 x 1/4lb Cheese Burger, 3 x Chips & Coleslaw
Kids Meal£3.50Add +3 Chicken Nuggets, Chips, 3 Onion Rings, Can of Drink
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